Brown Toothbrush Holder with Mushrooms and Birds

Toothbrush holder decorated with mushrooms and birds

2 Holes – 1.5″ – 1″ for toothbrushes
Base –3 1/2″ long

COLOUR –Sandy Brown with Black stencilled Mushrooms and Birds
SMOOTH FINISHED Screens may cause the colour to look slightly different than what it is. See the colour description above.

Food Safe.

HOW IT’S MADE – I roll out a slab of clay and cut out a long rectangle. I wrapped it around tubes and put a bottom on it. I applied the stencil mushrooms around the bottom and birds on the top. Once it is stiff enough to hold its shape I pull out the tubes. My pottery slowly dries on my drying shelves. It is then fired in my electric kiln to bisque fire it.
I glazed it with a food-safe clear glaze.

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