Joyce Means Joyful

Where did your name come from?

Joyce is not a commin name. Therefore, I rarely have to use my last name as I’m often the only Joyce in the group. For most of my life, I didn’t like my name, I do now.

My father had a cousin named Joyce. I’m sure I wasn’t named after her. I think my parents randomly picked my name. But they didn’t realize that God had actually named me.

My life was a mess before I decided to follow Jesus’s narrow path.

I had bipolar and other issues that caused me to suffer deep depression. During these years, a Christian spoke a word from God. God named me Joyce as my life would be joyful.

That was hard for me to believe when I suffered deep depressions. Through faith, I held on to that word.

The following few years, God put Christans I my path who prayed for me, and I was healed from the bipolar and many other things that added to my depression. He also showed me that I was called to make artistic and whimiscal pottery.

When God speaks, we should listen and believe. My life is joyful and exciting, and I enjoy creating whimsical pottery.

My parents named me, but God had a bigger say in it.

Below are some of the pottery I have fun making

I made this planter by turning it on my pottery wheel. It was hand painted by me.

Spoon rest
Funky yarn bowl

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My pottery journey, my passion, didn’t start until my 40’s. Creating pottery is my happy place, especially decorating, vases, cups, bowls, trays, and creating sculptures. The more I create, the more my imagination is spurred on. I will be sharing how I make pottery here.

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