Fear Hijacked My Artistic Talent

What fears have you overcome and how?

I had many fears because my mother unknowing put her fears on me. She thought she was protecting me from being hurt. God showed me my fears and helped be overcome them.

I tell you about two of my biggest fears.

My husband rides an off road motorcycle sport, called trials and has a street motorcycle. The first time I hopped on the back of his street bike, a thought popped into my head -‘I’m going to be killed on this motorcycle. ‘ Instantly, God responded by putting another thought into my head -‘That’s your mother’s voice. Don’t listen to it.’ I knew this was from God because my mother did tell me I’d get killed if I rode on a motorcycle with my husband, and the second thought popped into my head instantly. I changed my belief about the dangers of motorcycles because my husband is a good cautious rider. I am glad I no longer believe what Mom told me because we’ve travelled across Canada and the USA on a motorcycle.

Another fear I had, or a lie I believed, was that I had no talent.

Many years ago, God gave me a dream and showed I was artistic. This belief also came from my mother’s fears and insecurities. I also had a pastor who would say to me, ‘How the artists today?’ Which reinforced that I am an artist.

I made this vase from clay. Then carved roses around it.

I didn’t immediately become artistic. I had to learn the mechanics of art. Then I found clay, my medium and learned how to make pottery. I enjoy painting, sculpting, and creating with a lump of clay. Pottery is my happy place.


Come see the pottery I’ve created on my website on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheButlersPottery, and on this website, https://thebutlerspottery.ca

My pottery journey, my passion, didn’t start until my 40’s. Creating pottery is my happy place, especially decorating, vases, cups, bowls, trays, and creating sculptures. The more I create, the more my imagination is spurred on. I will be sharing how I make pottery here.

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