Mocha Diffusion – Finished Products

When I first saw Mocha Diffusion, an interesting way to grow trees on pottery, I had to try it. The first few times didn’t turn out the way I’d hope, like this creamer below, but I kept at it. I didn’t know why my trees weren’t growing properly until I bought a lesson on how to do it. I discovered my mistake and succeeded. Keep scrolling to see the finished cup and ornament.

I demonstrated howthe trees grew in this blog.

Enjoy this unique creamer when serving coffee, or fill it with cheese sauce for your vegetables. Pour custard from it onto your Christmas pudding. It has many uses.
Size – Approximate –Height –3.5″ Width — 3.5″ Capacity – 1 cup, 8 Ounces Colour- Outside –Off White with Brown design. Inside — Rusty Red.
Star Hanging Ornaments.
This green mug with green trees makes a great gift to a friend
SIZE Approximate- 4″ (7.5- 9cm) high 3″ 7.5 cm) across the top rim Capacity 1 1/2 cups. (12 ounces) COLOUR- White with Green Evergreen Trees OR White with Brown to Black gnarly trees.

Last week I tried it on a black and white clay bowl, with clay slip on the bottom half. I’ll show this bowl again after it has been fired it in the kiln. I looks grey and cream no, but will fire to black and white. Patience for me too, until my kiln is full of pottery.

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