Mr Frog and Honey Bear Ceramic Sculptures Are Finished

I was thinking of what I wanted to write next. Then I wondered if I had already written it. Therefore, I cruised my past blogs and realized I hadn’t shown you how Mr. Frog playing the bongos and the bear stealing honey from a tree turned out. Here are the past blogs about the frog and bear.

There are two things that can go wrong when making sculptures. If the clay isn’t bone-dry, the moisture inside the sculpture boils during the kiln firing and expands. Water always finds a way out. When pottery is heated to over 2000 degrees the water bursts out of the sculpture, shattering it into pieces. Fortunately, the frog and bear were dry and didn’t explode in the kiln. I have been making pottery for over 20 years, and I’ve learned a lot, therefore this rarely happen, anymore

The second concern is that the colour turns out the way I intended. Colours of the clay and glazes can change in the kiln. The colour came out as I expected, another bonus. Another successful kiln firing, which makes me happy.

Is there an animal you’d like to see me make, especially doing human things? Tell me in the comments below. I might make it.

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