What Olympic Sports Do I Watch – And Why?

Daily writing prompt
What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?

I am an artistic potter, who works alone. I decorate my pottery, by carving, painting, or impressing moulds into the clay, and letting the glaze make the art. There is a rhythm to turning pottery on the wheel.

Since my creative gifts involve art with rhythm, I gravitate to individual sports that are artistic with rhythm.

You can use this vase as a pencil holder, kitchen utensils or anything
My handmade ceramic vase will be a lovely centre-piece with your favourite flowers on your dining table.

Figure skating is my favourite sport to watch.  Figure skaters glide across the ice with rhythm, art, and power. I also enjoy watching downhill skiing or snowboarding, gymnastic and even bobsledding. A skier races down the hill, the bobsled flies around the bends of the tube, and a gymnast vaults over bars and across mats with rhythm, grace, and power.

I am created to work alone with grace, art, and power therefore I enjoy watching individual sports with grace, art, and power.

What sports do you watch? Does it complement your gifts?

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