Waiting For the Glaze Fire – Finished Pottery

It has been a while since I shared a post. I have a good excuse. We spent a week in Mexico escaping our Canadian winter. The best part of our holiday was that we went with our family, which includes 6 grandkids ages 16 to 7. Of course, their parents came too. Having the whole gang there tired me out enough, imagine if we went without the parents. Anyway, 12 of us invaded a resort and toured. This resort has a trapeze and a few of our family, definitely not me, tried it. Our one granddaughter does gymnastics and has now decided this could be a career. She was good enough with the basics trapeze that an instructor chose her and 3 others to be caught while flying through the air. She did it! It was a great holiday, We live several hours’ drive from each other, therefore it is a rarity for us all to get together for more than a day or so.

We went to the Xcaret Park and saw many animals, including coati animals, swam in an underground river, explored Mayan ruins and topped the day by watching a show on the history of Mexico.

Coati animal.

Before we left for our holiday I bisque fire a load of pottery and was able to glaze almost all of it. This week I’ll finish the glazing and fire my kiln on the weekend. It takes a few days for the kiln to cool down before I open it. Opening a kiln can be scary, did it all turn out, did the glaze run off and fuse to the shelf, did a piece explode in the kiln and melt into other pieces? I have been using the same glazes for years, therefore these mishaps are a rarity, unlike the beginning years, but it still happens. During the last glaze firing a piece exploded and fuse to other pieces.

I have two blogs waiting in the wings for me to include the finished products, then I’ll share the blogs.

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Xcaret Park Mexico

Notice the hand? Or the branch.

I enjoy travelling the world and seeing new things such as the Coati. Do you enjoy travelling this beautiful world? Where would you like to go or have been? For me it’s Italy.

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