My College Education

I hand sculpted this Artic bear picnic.

What colleges have you attended?

Way back in my younger years, right after secondary school, I attended Niagara College in the center of Niagara Peninsula, Canada.

In Canada, we have universities and colleges. Universities train students to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Students graduating from Universities land higher-paying professional office jobs, with a degree.

Students who enter college aspire to be in the trades, electricians. construction workers, secretaries, mechanics etc, technology and technician courses and more. They work with their hands as well as their heads.

I graduated with a Construction Engineering Technology deployment. For several years I worked for construction companies estimating the cost to build buildings.

Several years into my estimating career I made a major shift into pottery. I enjoyed calculating the cost of buildings, but I love creating pottery as it feeds my creative mind.

I sell my pottery in my shop on The Butler’s and on Etsy. Check on the buttons below to check out my potter.

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