Keep Calm & Create – Sculpting Animals Calms Me

bear sculpture getting honey to eat

When I started making pottery a friend told me I to make whymsical aniamls, another lady said to carve comical pottery. I did make a few animals, but mostly I made cups, bowls and other functional pottery.

Despite that I enjoy making animals, especially if I am stressed, it calms me down, I wasn’t. This fall I realized I was not using my God-given talent by making whimsical clay animals. I was getting frustrated. Not only is it not wise to hide a God-given gift, but God wants us to be joyful. I know sculpting animals gives me joy, why was I not doing it?

This fall I told myself to not worry about making pottery to please people, but to make what I want, when I want.

An idea of making a bear taking honey from a tree popped into my head. I took out my sculpting clay and went to work, or I should say play. When you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I wrapped a slab of clay around a tube for a tree trunk. I made roots and carved out the bark. Then I proceeded to the bear. I moulded and sculpted the basic shape of this bear, making sure he could reach the hole in the tree. I let it dry enough to hold a shape, then cut the body in half to hollow out the excess clay. If clay is too thick it won’t dry and moist clay boils in the kiln and explodes the piece. Once I had enough clay out of him I put him back together and then carved the fine details. I added the bees, even one on his head.

This bear is trying to steal honey from a bee hive. His thick fur saves him from being stung by the bees. I hope they don’t sting his tongue that’s sticking out.

When my kiln is full of my unique pottery I will bisque fire it, then I’ll paint, decorate and glaze them for the final firing. I wonder what animal will pop into my head to make next.

This is an interesting quote about being calm. “A wild person with a calm mind can make anything” By Eric Maisel – Calm doesn’t mean to sit still and quiet. It means find ways to calm the fret, worry or stressed in your mind.

Do you create to calm yourself? What do you do to calm yourself?Comment below. I also take walks in the woods to calm down.

This bear won’t be finished until the new year, In the meantime check out my other sculptures and ceramics for sale on my Esty site by clicking on the orange button below.

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