Embossed Rolling Pins- Are They Cut Deep Enough?

Have you ever bought something to use of poor quality and were disappointed enough to quit using it? Or did you buy a better quality item that was a success?

A few years ago I saw decorative laser-cut rolling pins on Instagram for making cookies. One rolling pin had reindeer and Christmas trees on it. It would make cute Christmas ceramic ornaments, trays and more.

I asked my daughter to buy it for my Christmas gift. She bought one from Amazon.

Normally we have no problem with Amazon, except this time. The rolling pin wasn’t cut deep enough to show any detail when making cookies let alone for ceramic items. I tried to return it but since it was a private person selling on Amazon, Amazon couldn’t return it and the seller wouldn’t let me return it. I didn’t want to throw it out so carved out one row of the deer with my Dremel tool. It worked, except I couldn’t get the detail the laser cut had. I made a few ornaments, then put the roller in my drawer where it sat.

Roller with very little depth.
After I caved the deer deeper with my Dremel tool
An Ornament from what I carved deeper. It worked, sort of.

I have seen more of these rolling pins on Instagram, they even show cookies made from them. I’d been burned once and was leary of buying another rolling pin. A company from Poland that sold decorative rolling pins said their proceeds would help Ukraine. A potter whom I trust posted a picture of her using that same rolling pins. They were cut deep enough to reveal a detailed design on the mug she had made. I bit the bullet and bought three of them, a reindeer, one with coffee words and one with roosters on it.

Three Rolling Pins

They were cut much deeper than my first roller. The reindeer are bigger which is better for ornaments. I am sure I will enjoy using these ones. I plan on making coffee mugs with coffee written all over them. I made coffee Christmas ornaments first to try them out.

Is it a cookie? It is a clay Christmas ornament waiting to be kiln fired then painted.

The moral of the story is if something doesn’t work out the first time don’t let fear rule and quit, try again.

Tell me about something you’ve done that failed at, but you persevered and succeeded.

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