Decorative Ring Dishes

Wooden Forms

I make pottery and sell them on A few years ago I bought lazer cut stamps from During the winter I trucked down to my local pottery supplier and bought these forms for making little dishes. I was excited to put these items to use.

HOW I MADE THEM I rolled out a slab of clay and pressed my laser-cut stamps into the clay. I then drape the slab over a wooden form. I gently pressed the clay around the wooden form for a snug fit into the curved corners. I cut off the excess clay. I didn’t wanted the flat bottom to sit on the table so I cut out strips of clay and attached them to the bottom for a foot rim.

A Foot On The Bottom

Once these dishes became bone dry I bisque fired them in my kiln.

I missed magic erasing this one.

I painted underglaze over the stamped designs. With a damp sponge I cleaned of the excess paint leaving the paint in the embossed area, enhancing the stamped design. Not all of the paint came off. The dishes looked smudgy instead of clean. Magic eraser to the rescue. It cleaned off the paint residue. They aren’t just for cleaning bathrooms.

On some of them I dabbed a border of underglaze using a sea sponge, I wasn’t sure how that would turn out as I paint 2 to 3 coats to get deep colours. I am quite pleased with how one coat of sponged border turned out. I dipped the dishes in my clear glaze and fired it in my kiln to a high-fired glaze.

These dishes can also be used for condiments, cranberry sauce at holiday time, soap dishes or anything else. All my pottery is food safe.

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