Three Of My Mugs

Black and white mugs

Do these mugs look like birch bark? I gently mix black and white clay then turn a mug on my pottery wheel. I never know how they will look, more black or white. It depends on how the clay swirl around ad it is turned.

Textured Turquoise Mug With A Smooth White Top.

I am partial to blues and turquoise. This glaze has a rough texture. If you don’t mind a rough feeling handle but like this colour then this cup is for you. Having a rough handle is one thing but not on your lips, which is why I glazed the top with a smooth white glaze.

Rusty Red with Textured Dark Brown

This glaze is one of my first glaze combinations I made. It remains a favorite especially for men. My husband stole one of these mugs for himself. I did say he could have it, that means he didn’t actually steel it.

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